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Book Dummies 

by jeni kocher zerphy




Aesthetic and kinetic. Think of this book like a cootie catcher - vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical . . .you got it! (Things may get a little trickier in the desert, but you’ll be okay.) Offers multi-modalities of reading. Layers of fun and meaning!








Read forwards and backwards. Find all the missing rhymes. Celebrate with a Hive Five! Give yourself a Den Ten!




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Zelk the elk

But Not the Hippopotamus meets Woolbur.


Everyone in the herd doesn't have to like all the same things.   After all, we all dance to the beat of a different. . . accordion?  


Meet Zelk.  He likes different things than the rest of the herd.  However, the one thing they all agree on is that they love each other very much.



The Duck with the Long Tale


Pinocchio meets Rosie's Walk.


Duck is late, again.  He gives his longwinded explanation.  As he tells his story, we see that his tail is short in the beginning of his story and grows and grows with each reason he adds.  His brothers and sisters are going flying tonight and he wants to go, too.  However, poor duck ends up grounded by his own long tail. Make that tale.




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