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The book takes children on a tour of a submarine. It begins with a little boy asking, "Have you ever been on a submarine? It's like nothing you have ever seen!" It ends with the words, “When the submarine must go out to sea, the sailors miss their families.  Glub, glub, glub.  They rush home to see them.  Hug, hug, hug!”


Children are invited to come inside and explore. Here they will learn concepts, meet lovable characters (including Steel Crab), and enjoy the rhythmic flow of the story. 


Submarine is a fun, contextualized medium to enhance vocabulary and word recognition and support STEM concepts.


While my husband was serving onboard the submarine, USS Connecticut, I realized what a great topic this was for a children's book. 


The book introduces critical thinking ideas early, and it helps children understand where a parent is when they are away at sea.  


Submarine began as a poem I wrote for our son. When dad was out to sea, we’d have fun reading and re-reading the poem together.




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