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  • Steel is very strong and as a verb, steel means to fill with resolution or determination.   In other words, make it   happen.  Following your dreams is hard work!


  • Steel represents PA.  I am originally from Klecknersville, PA near Bethlehem Steel aka “The Steel.”  Many of my relatives worked for “The Steel”- a steel producer.




  • CRAB represents MD.  We lived in Annapolis, MD, blue crab central, for many years.  Blue Crabs are really strong, fast, and fleeting, often difficult to catch, sort of like, ideas . . . peering over the side of the pier into the murky water, net in hand . . .where is it, it was just here, now I can’t see it at all, oh, there it is. . . Plus, let’s face it, they are delicious.


  • My husband, also from the same small town in PA as me, attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  


  • As a verb, crab means to scuttle or scurry sideways.  In other words, life isn’t always a clear linear path.  Better put your cross-trainers on!




  • Refers to the habit of working hard and steadily.  Be industrious!  There is more than one way to make it happen!  Do something!  Create and Celebrate!






The red crab with the anchor on his arm is a character from my book, Submarine.  We began referring to him as “Steel Crab,” since the page he is on talks about the strength of the steel hull.  However, “Steel Crab” also represents things that are very important to my family and my artwork:


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